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Kinect and the current ZigFu (1.1) SDK working in Unity3D OS X

October 28 | 13

I started to play around with a kinect I borrowed from a friend and wanted to do some stuff with it, so I did some research and found that ZigFu offers a good SDK for Unity.

Downloaded the ZDK package for unity and installed it and pretty much works out of the box, no need to install any random libs from the side nor install scripts.

The ZigFu guys have done a great job on this side wrapping the OpenNI libs in a package.










Now the idea is to check the internals of the API they offer and see what interesting can be done with it.


Calculator for Unity3D

October 22 | 13

So I was in need (for a project I have) to have a calculator made in Unity (To use it inside my project) and couldn’t find anything, so I created one, this is how it looks:













If you are interested then feel free to grab the code in here:

And just drop it into any game object.

And yes, you can make money with it if you can lol.

Its not the fastest code but it sure does its job 🙂

Move a GameObject in mobile devices without raycasts

October 7 | 13