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Dungeon Lords – Work In Progress

February 9 | 14

So I’ve been working for the past year on a dungeon keeper clone (its one of my fav games) and basically after lots of trying with the tiles I decided it was best to generate them in order to make them be as organic as possible and to match each tile with the other.

Here you can see a small video where I have the minions (red cubes) digging on the tiles the player commands to dig and after finishing digging they start to populate (as in conquer) the places that are unclaimed with the player’s tag.

Any Comments / Suggestions / Questions? feel free to write a comment


Let em Down. Old game from Unity 2.x still runs on Unity 4.x

February 4 | 14

So I was going trough my projects and found this iPhone game that I made all on my own (yes, including art) and surprisingly it “just runs” without any modification on the code on Unity 4.3.3 right now.

Of course there are some warnings but besides that it still just runs and compiles smoothly which is pretty amazing.

Without further ado, here’s a video of the game running on OSx