Alberta Agricultural Land Rental Agreements

In this agreement, the landowner gives his land and the peasant his work. Together, they share the costs and benefits, from fertilizer to proceeds from the sale of the crop. Depending on the agreement, participation in turnover can be between 35/65 and 50/50. Many landlords and tenants feel comfortable with a handshake agreement, but more and more people are using written contracts Here is an example of an arable land lease agreement that was designed by lawyers and is available for free download, modification and use. By accessing or downloading this farm lease, you acknowledge and agree that Farm & Food Care Ontario is not liable for any damages of any kind caused by your access to or use of the farm lease. “The percentage of (agricultural) land either owned by retired farmers or transferred to non-farm wealth is increasing,” said Mr. Dyck. “Cash rents provide a simple and clean contract for landowners,” said Craig Klemmer, agricultural economist at Farm Credit Canada. How do you know if the rent you are paying or calculating for arable land is fair and reasonable? A cash lease is similar to a lease — farmers give a certain amount to the landowner and then they process the land. Cash rent is common because the lease is simple, the rent is fixed, and the landowner doesn`t have to make any operating or marketing decisions.

The tenant has more control over cutting decisions and can benefit from higher profits. > Agriculture and Forestry > Farm Business Management > leasing of arable land in Alberta “Out of 10 calls, we receive land rentals. maybe one of the harvest percentages,” Dyck said.