Emacs mode for Javascript in Unity 3.x

It has been almost a year since I released an emacs mode for Javascript in Unity 2.x , now I’m releasing the same mode for Unity 3.x, the main difference between this mode and the old one are mainly additions of reserved words of the API (as there have been lots of additions to it) and also now it  colors the  “case” word.

This mode supports both Runtime and Editor API functions. Feel free to modify it and also if you do anything interesting that can be added to the mode just let me know!

To make it work, just add this to your .emacs:

;; UnityJS mode for emacs
(autoload ‘unityjs-mode “unityjs-mode” “Major mode for editing Unity script code.” t)
(require ‘unityjs-mode)

And make sure to load the path where you are going to store the .el file.

The mode can be found here.

Any suggestions/feedback/bugs let me know!