New Zealand Prenuptial Agreement Form

Prenups are an effective way to protect assets for your future and the future of your loved ones. It`s best to discuss this openly and early in your relationship, as you did – ideally from the moment you know you want to commit to one another. This will put you on the right path to a smooth and collaborative agreement. Getting a prenup can be a long process. This can take between 3 and 6 months and more if it is difficult to reach an agreement. You have to discuss it yourself, meet with your lawyers, negotiate the terms, have documents drawn up and then sign the final document. Normally, I would see the client at least twice before the deal is concluded. Net Lawman`s pre-marital agreements have been written to help you meet the proposed legal requirements. However, over time, this generous attitude can dissipate and create another, more contentious ex-partner. For example, they could buy 15 percent of your home and pay that share of the mortgage, maintenance, etc. This could be documented in your agreement.

Marriage contracts are only legally binding if they are written and signed by both parties on the basis of independent legal advice. This means you can`t share the same lawyer – each person must have an independent lawyer to advise them on their rights and options. I don`t want them to be shared with my partner if we separate. My partner is in complete agreement, so can we just sign an agreement between us or do we need lawyers? How detail do we need to address? And when is it the right time? You need a legal agreement – a contracting-out agreement often referred to as a marriage contract.