Transfer Agreement Template Ripe

To transfer resources to the RIPE NCC service region. 2.6 This transfer does not affect all other rights and obligations arising from the offering party`s basic agreement, including any other rights to other Internet number resources registered by RIPE NCC with the offering party. If the Internet number resources are transferred to a non-member, the receiving party must apply to be a member by signing a standard RIPE NCC service agreement before the transfer (more information about the member is available). If the receiving party refuses to do so, the RIPE NCC does not transfer the resources of the Internet number. The delegation contract must be signed by persons authorized for both parties. For the ceding party, it is necessary that the delegation contract be signed by an agent with the general capacity to act on behalf of that party. The NCC RIPE reserves the right to request official documents certifying that the person who signs on behalf of one of the parties has the power to do so. ii. A description of the reason for the transmission (z.B. due to the merger, acquisition, transmission of Internet number resources in accordance with THE RIPE guidelines) The member must send an e-mail to ncc -at-ripe-dot net informing the NCC RIPE of the name change. This email must be included: in order for the transfer to be processed, one of the parties must apply to RIPE NCC: the transfer request can be filed as stated above (section 3.1).

If the current official names of the affected members differ from those of the corresponding RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement, the procedure described in point 4.0 must be followed before the Internet number resources are transmitted. If the internet number addresses to be transmitted are addresses independent of the provider (PI), the receiving party can either apply to become a member by signing the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement, or by establishing a contract with a sponsoring LIR. For more information, please refer to the instructions to request independent resources. Note: If a change to a member`s official legal name is accompanied by the transmission of internet number resources, the member must first notify the NCC RIPE of the name change and then the transmission.