About Me

Hello!, I’m Juan!  I studied  computer science in EAFIT University back in Medellín Colombia, All my life I loved to make games and Unity is the engine I use to work on. I used to work at Unity Technologies, I was the guy who was in charge of all the documentation of the engine (I created the translator for the API examples (C#/Boo/JS) and also optimized the documentation build times and also I used to test features when it was needed. Anyways,  welcome to my page!

Above you can find 2 sections:  My work and my blog where I post random programming stuff I learn,

On the bottom part of this page you can see 6 links which are my twitter account, my facebook profile, the game engine I work with (Unity3D) my profile on LinkedIn and finally a link to the awesome designer who made me this page .

I’ll  post  stuff  I make in this page, like  code I have or interesting projects I have worked/currently working now; Also I’m creating this page because I’m trying to create a personal portfolio and also as a way to force myself to write all the stuff I learn so I have a place where I can come back and read when I forget stuff I have done.