My Work


I have moved all my work to my blog section in order to keep everything centralized

Indie Riffs

Indie riffs participated in the Unity Awards 2009 as a “Guitar Hero” clone for local bands. this project was finished but there was just no time to add more songs to it. This game is also property of C2 Estudio so I sadly cannot provide you with the code unless they are keen to do so. Talk to them if you want to check the source code of this game.

Project Cloudwitch

Project Cloudwitch, this is the game I most feel proud of, it was developed by a team of 2 programers, 1 artist and 1 manager. This project is all property of C2 Estudio but is possible to play it here, this game participated in the Unity Awards 2009 and also was one of the finalists. There are currently plans to release a precuel of Cloudwitch.

College Thesis

This was the thesis me and a friend developed for our Comp Sci. degree in Colombia, it was a visualization in “real time” of the stock market in Colombia. This  project was a web application that used Unity’s Web Player for the visualization, this used to have 4 types of visualization, sadly I don’t have photos of the other types and in order for this app to run it needs the web application and I don’t have it anymore :(.