Open Match-3. Developed in Unity

So I had this project for long time stored and didn’t know what to do with it so what a better idea than releasing it!.

Hopefully the community will learn from it, and if you find any better way of doing certain things I’ll be more than happy to receive some feedback!

This project is released under the MIT license, you can do whatever you want with it :).

As the title says is a match 3 that works in Unity. 4.x and 5.x. it contains:

  • Generates a move if the board doesn’t have any more moves left.
  • Supports any amount of gems (for the time being I just added 5 types of gems).
  • Works with any board size (width x height)
  • Generates an “explosion” effect when 3 or more adjacent gems are clicked.
  • Generates a hint (depending on a time in secs set in the inspector) of the largest adjacent gems.
  • Support for score multiplier when you click on several correctly adjacent gems before the hint kicks in.

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 15.03.57















Also supporting any width x height (17×18) in this case.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 15.05.21












Finally in order to modify certain parameters of the game, just click over the main camera object and set the desired values inside GameManager component.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 15.07.54












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One Response to “Open Match-3. Developed in Unity”

  1. david smith says:

    i’m just some random scouring the web for a match 3 game that allows the pieces to be replaced from all sides of board depending on direction matches are made(instead of just from the top)
    -had a game that did that but it was pretty short so wanted an eternal level generater. it is called jewel road. best ever.
    -there is one similar in full 3d called cubo combo but it is timed(too stressful) and only replaces from top of cube ‘board’ you can push pieces from the ‘sides’ but not top and bottom. good but fails as timed.
    anyway i don’t even know what forking is so just wondered if it was easy to set up an untimed 2d version of match 3 where replacements come from all board sides. like jewel road. (it has a simultaneous game on screen top but that could be replaced by collecting ‘super’ pieces and not blowing them up, see below.

    a full game experience would involve the addition of popular match3 extras like
    -match 5 produces a ‘rare’ gem/flower/bug whatever, that can be used as a wild card to match any piece or
    -keep it, match up 3 earned ‘rare’ pieces to produce a ‘super’ piece.
    -a game can be won only when 4 ‘super’ pieces are on the board, but is lost if no matches available(u get 3 auto reboots from start when that occurs)
    -‘bombs’ are produced by matching 4 pieces in a cross shape,these blow when matched to 2 matching colour ‘standard’ pieces.
    -a ‘lightning blast'(blast goes updown or side2side of 1 entire row) by merging 2 ‘bombs’ then matching it to 2 matching colour standard pieces.
    -two ‘rare’ pieces merged give an extra reboot piece in case reboots are used up.(long hold for use)
    -two ‘super’ pieces merged give multi reboot piece that can be used 5 times)
    -‘rare’ pieces also earned by combos of over ?30? pieces matching up from a single move including results of replacements.(from whatever side obviously)

    that’s about it i spose, i’d buy it for phone or pc if it was available. cheers.