ProPivot Modifier – Mofify Malformed pivots in Unity.

Sometimes when I get a mesh from an artist, the pivots of the mesh are just malformed, so I created a small basic utility to organize the pivots of any given mesh.

I just named this small utility ProPivot modifier; this editor utility  lets you modify your pivot points that come from any 3rd party modeling software and re-organize them so you can work with the pivots correctly instead using the old “hack” of adding Empty GameObjects to organize the pivot orientation of your meshes. Pivots can be rotated, moved and centered by average or bounding box.

If you want to get the utility you can get it from:

For better understanding of what this utility does just watch the demo video on how to use it:

If you have more comments or suggestion on this utility, just let me know via comments 😉