Project Cloudwitch

Project Cloudwitch is one of the games  I used to work on at C2Estudio and is one of the games I feel most proud of. The game is about an invasion of aliens trying to take over the control of different planets and your mission is to kill them all and survive as much as you can. Sadly the game didn’t have more levels/story because of budget problems.

Even tho the game was supposed to have a sequel but I’m not pretty sure what is the status at C2Estudio as I dont work there anymore. I would love to work on a sequel of this game.

If you where not able to play the game, you can always check the reel over here:

I worked on all the menus, the Scoring system and also the desert level; what do you think of the game?, would you like a sequel?, would you like to play the 1rst one still?.

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