R1150GSA to R1200GSA adaptor plate

TL;DR: I modified an adaptor plate from someone on UKGSer and I’m sharing my adventure. If you want to make yours you can download the DWF files so you can cut a piece of steel and mount it on your bike.

Long version:

A Couple of months ago I purchased the Holan pannier racks adaptors for my R1150GSA. With these I could mount R1200gsa OEM Aluminum panniers on my R1150GSA :).





























Still, there was no option for an adaptor plate to the top case unfortunately… Luckily! In UKGSer forums there is this great guy called Garry (cbrgaz) that designed an adaptor plate for the R1150GS long time ago. I contacted him and he was really kind to send me his DWF file so I could get started!. Upon receiving it the very first thing I did was visualize it and here’s how it looks:















Great!, So with some Fusion 360 playing, I bent the corners as shown in the diagram and proceeded to 3D print the part. This is the result:










It fits perfectly, unfortunately I wanted to have a pocket between the plate and the top case rack to be able to fit 1qt of oil. So I modified the design slightly and came up with this:



















As one can notice, its pretty much the same; I just modified the lengths of the edges. With this the modifications ended up looking like this:














Pretty much what I was wanting; a small cavity to place my quart of oil with a box that I plan to make in the future. Anyways, after this the process was pretty much straight forward. I purchased a 1x2ft 316 stainless steel plate and sent it to get cut with water jet:

After that, I bent the corners and was pretty much done! πŸ™‚

















That’s pretty much! I’m really happy with the outcome and even happier that now I can have a place for the engine oil!.

If you are interested in doing this you can find . Garry’s original file here or my modified design that has a pocket for the quart of oil here.





First of all, Thanks to Richard Evans for sharing these pictures.

Be careful where you do the bending as you could basically make your part unusable. Its important to have the bends done exactly where the lines are marked for it to work.











If possible 3D print the part first or cut a piece of cardboard with it to test first where the bends are going so you avoid ending up with scrap material. I’m attaching here some pictures on how incorrect bending would not let you attach the carrier (Thanks Richard).


5 Responses to “R1150GSA to R1200GSA adaptor plate”

  1. Juan Sebastian says:

    Hey there,

    Unfortunately since this uses R1200 oilcooled panniers, the keys are totally different, so I ended up having 2 keys, one for the ignition key and the other one for all the panniers.

  2. Val says:

    Good stuff!

    I wanted to ask you if you use sepparate keys for the panniers or you coded everything on the Ignition key?

    I’m interested in making this mod and having just 1 key for all locks.

  3. Juan says:

    Hey Richard,

    Got your comment; it sucks it didnt fit; its a lot of manual work and there is some room for error unfortunately; I remember I had to expand the holes a little bit with my stainless steel plate :-(.

    Do send me the pictures and I will be more than happy to post an update so everyone sees. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. Richard Evans-Lacey says:

    Just got the original adapter part made by Essex Laser and it didn’t fit πŸ™

    They say that the original design didn’t account for the material thickness / bend tolerances where it marked the bends.

    I’m happy to share the photos if you’d like to update the blog? I’d like to save others from the expense I’m now facing to get it adapted and re-cut.



  5. Richard Evans-Lacey says:

    Thanks so much for this post. If I do this then it’s going to be so valuable.